Paddling the Barton Nature Area, Ann Arbor

Follow the Huron River Water Trail to Adventure

Favorite River Trips for Outdoor Fun The staff of the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) works to protect and restore the Huron River. And they know it well! Spending quality play-time in, on and near the water gives them a chance to relax and reflect on their work. You too may enjoy some of their favorite […]

2018 Huron River Day, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, by Karissa Brumley

Know Before You Go: 4 Tips for a Safe Paddle Trip

The Huron River National Water Trail winds through natural areas, traverses historic cities, and ends at Pointe Mouillee on Lake Erie. Paddlers of all skill levels can find a place to refresh themselves along its length, but remember to prepare before you go and be smart as you enjoy your trip. Get to know the […]

Swimmers at Baseline Lake

PFAS and Recreation on the Huron River

It is Safe to Swim and Boat. As the emerging threat of PFAS has unfolded across Michigan and on the Huron River, it’s raised concerns about recreation. The good news is that swimming and boating on the Huron River Water Trail are still okay. For those activities, we can continue to enjoy the water as […]

Huron River Water Trail Earns State Designation

The Huron River National Water Trail was designated as one of the first State Water Trails by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) in partnership with the Office of the Great Lakes at the end of 2018. The program is intended to recognize communities and partners that connect people to outdoor recreation. To be […]

How To Paddle Through the Entire Huron River

A Paddler’s Journey – Ron Sell’s 2013 River Expedition A little over 20 years ago, Joan Martin (Huron River Watershed Council Adopt-A-Stream emeritus) had the wonderful idea of getting a bunch of people together and paddling the whole length of the Huron River.  After a year of planning, getting dozens of people involved and communities […]

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