Welcome to Huron104, the official Huron River Water Trail Register

Here, the names of those that have traversed the entire length of the 104-mile Huron River Water Trail are recorded for posterity. The Huron River offers adventures for paddlers of any skill level. Paddling the entire water trail from Proud Lake State Recreation Area to Lake Erie requires dedication and perseverance. It’s a tremendous accomplishment of the spirit and body.

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The Huron River Water Trail is a project of the Huron River Watershed Council. HRWC hopes that Finishers will share the joy of their experience and the triumph of their accomplishment with others to inspire them to explore the beautiful Huron River and support its protection.

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Trail Register of Finishers

Paddler NameDate CompletedCompletion ApproachHometown
Eldon Abraham7/16/2005Section PaddleSaline, Michigan
Otho Ulrich9/30/2013Section PaddleFishers Lake
Brian Ottum9/18/2016Section PaddleSaline, Michigan
Dan Norris10/20/2019Section PaddleWixom, Michigan
Meredith Nickerson8/22/2020Thru-paddle
Heather Friedli8/22/2020Thru-paddle
Kenneth Lindsey5/13/2021Section PaddleWarren, Michigan
Jake Lindquist6/27/2021Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Tim Troutner6/27/2021Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Emily Brancel5/30/2022Thru-paddleDearborn, Michigan
Ashley Hill7/26/2022Section PaddleForest, Virginia
Branden Burton8/2/2022Thru-paddleWest Bloomfield
Dave Moran10/16/2022Section PaddleAnn Arbor, Michigan
Kris Olsson10/16/2022Section PaddleAnn Arbor, Michigan
Kate Tomasik10/22/2022Section PaddleWest Bloomfield, Michigan
Marci Augenstein10/22/2022Section Paddle
Joel Greenwold10/30/2022Section PaddleDetroit, Michigan
Maria Goodrich7/19/2023Section PaddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Amanda Smith9/8/2023Section PaddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Michael Aldridge10/8/2023Section PaddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Cheryl Saam10/9/2023Section PaddleAnn Arbor, Michigan
Carrie Gorga10/28/2023Section PaddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Adam Gainsley10/28/2023Section PaddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Lisa Raycraft10/9/2023Section PaddleAnn Arbor, Michigan
Matt Delaurence10/27/2023Section PaddleWhite Lake, Michigan
Joshua Roberts2/14/2024Thru-paddleSouth Bend, Indiana
Michael Marihugh6/14/2024Section PaddleLivonia, Michigan
Don Knapp6/14/2024Section paddleLivonia, Michigan
Maria Goodrich7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Carrie Gorga7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Georgina Hickey7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Amanda Smith7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Adam Gainsley7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Gillian Gainsley7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Cara Talaska7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Teresa Gillotti7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan
Michael Aldridge7/1/2024Thru-paddleYpsilanti, Michigan


Huron River Water Trail Finishers are recognized on the honor system. By filling out the information below, paddlers claim they have satisfied the following rules for official completion of the trail:

  • Paddlers must paddle at least 100 of the 104-mile designated trail route in a single year.
  • Paddlers can paddle the river in sections or continuously, in either direction.
  • Paddlers must complete the water trail entirely under their own power, or under the power of other paddlers in the same boat.
  • Camping along the river is not required to claim completion by continuous through-paddle, but you must start where you left off on the previous day of paddling. Paddlers that complete a continuous paddle will be recognized specifically for their achievement.
  • Completing the water trail in sections only requires that you complete the length of the water trail in a single year, starting with the beginning date of the first paddle counted toward the achievement.
  • Paddlers that have completed the water trail in past years may retroactively fill out the information below to be added to the register.

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