Huron River Liveries Begin to Reopen with Pandemic Precautions

The Huron River Water Trail’s kayak and canoe rental services are following state and CDC guidance as they each reopen by May 30th. Outfitters are operating at reduced capacity or with changes to normal services. As always, river conditions can affect the services offered, and water levels on the Huron River have been very high. Please check with your favorite livery in advance before you go.

2020 Early Season Updates and Information:

Heavner’s Canoe and Kayak Rental

2775 Garden Road, Milford, 248-685-2379

Note that services may only be initially available at the Kensington Metropark Farm Center. Online reservations are preferred to facilitate the preparation and cleaning of boats, and to reduce contact with staff.

Village Canoe Rental

1216 Garden Road, Milford, 248-685-9207

Village Canoe Rental is open and operating with precautions for social distancing. Shuttle services may be limited as a COVID-19 precaution, call in advance to confirm.

Skip’s Huron River Canoe Livery

Delhi Metropark, East Delhi Road, Ann Arbor, 734-769-8686

Shuttle services may run at reduced capacity to maintain social distancing.

Ann Arbor Canoe Liveries

Gallup Park: 3000 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, 734-794-6240

Argo Park: 1055 Longshore Drive, Ann Arbor, 734-794-6241

Ann Arbor Canoe Liveries will be initially open at a reduced capacity to protect staff and patrons.

Motor City Canoe Rental

Oakwoods Metropark Outpost:  Cedar Knoll Picnic Area, 313-473-0396

Atwater Paddles, Flat Rock:  26425 Atwater Street, Flat Rock, 313-473-9847

The Oakwoods Metropark location, is ready to open at full capacity with precautions for COVID-19. Due to high water levels, however, the anticipated first day of operation will be Saturday, May, 30, subject to change based on river conditions.

Atwater Paddles in Flat Rock does not have an opening date yet but an announcement will be made when that decision is made.

H2E River Adventures

Hull’s Trace, 36495 West Jefferson, Rockwood, 734-379-9912

Launch times are by reservation only, 7 days a week. Due to COVID-19, only kayak adventures will be offered until further notice. Half day and full day kayak rentals are available.

Tips for Paddling Safely During COVID-19

Do what you can to protect others around you and livery staff as you enjoy the Huron River. Check out our TOP TEN TIPS for paddling safely during the pandemic.

Map of Locations and Business Listings

For a map of locations with business listings and information see our Outfitters page.

Remember, Recreate Responsibly

  • Stay close to home when you go out to have fun.Recreate responsibility.
  • Wear a mask when interacting with livery staff or when outside and near groups of people at liveries.
  • Use restrooms before you leave home to avoid using any public facilities that are open. Many public restrooms may still be closed.
  • Wash your hands before you go, and use available hand sanitizer before and after interacting with livery staff.
  • Follow all social distancing guidelines. Keep 6 feet between you and others outside your household whenever possible, or when waiting in line to rent a boat.
  • Please Leave No Trace! During the pandemic, many parks and municipalities are operating with limited maintenance staff. That is making it harder to keep litter out of the river. Pick up after yourself, pack out what trash you can, and don’t litter.
  • Paddle within your limits. Don’t bite off more than you can chew or get yourself injured while outside. First responders need to help those suffering during the pandemic, either from COVID-19 or other serious conditions. Getting hurt unnecessarily could draw resources away from those that most need it.
  • Plan ahead. Check with your favorite canoe and kayak outfitter before you go.

More Ideas for Finding Nature in the Huron River Watershed

Nature is open, head outside stay safe! Check out our blog at for more tips on getting outside close to home.