Huron River Miles 10-6

The City of Flat Rock is a recreational hub among Downriver communities offering the Water Trail, beautiful parks, the Downriver Linked Greenway trails, extraordinary baseball facilities and a community center, all while maintaining a unique, small town feel. It is an ideal launching point for a trip downstream to Lake Erie and Point Mouillee.

Huroc Park is a gateway into the downtown business district. Street parking and a quaint covered pedestrian bridge provide access to a fast water launch just downstream of the bridge. Riverside amenities such as picnic tables, bathrooms, drinking fountains and information kiosks provide a welcome.

For a more protected and slower entry to the river, head to the Flat Rock Boat Launch at Seneca Street, east of Telegraph Road.

The final nine miles of the Water Trail provide unimpeded flowing river conditions from Flat Rock all the way to Lake Erie. Parkland gives this section a forested, natural feel. Labo Park, downstream at River Mile 4 is a convenient stopping point. Paddlers will find a launch, restrooms, and a picnic area.

At River Mile 0, the Water Trail connects to the Detroit River Water Trail, open water paddling on Lake Erie, and the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. The unique landscape of this part of the river and the rich cultural history, including the Battle of 1812 corduroy road – a River Raisin Battlefield Nation Park site – add to the attraction.


Pristine landscape, including towering forests and the clean, clear Huron River, drew early pioneers to the area and the riches the land offered encouraged settlers to stay. Native American people established villages along the Huron’s banks dating back to the 1700s.

Michael Vreelandt is considered to be the founder of the settlement that became Flat Rock with his five sons and their families in 1823. The Family build the first grain and lumber mills in what was the Village of Vreelandt which became Smooth Rock before becoming known as Flat Rock in 1838.

Henry Ford, who was attracted to the waterpower of the Huron River, build a dam as a power plant and established the Ford Motor Company Lamp Factory that assembled headlights from 1923 to 1950. The dam included a fish ladder built in 1997 that allows fish to go further upstream to spawn.

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CountryBlast, Cruzin’ HuRoc Park, and Flat Rock Riverfest, a 3-day festival held annually in September.